Professionalism. Perfection. Ideal timing. I still think that these are NOT the only qualities which describe IBD Editing…  I remember the moment when I was looking for professional help with my assignments; I had nearly quit, but then I decided to email to IBD Editing. They were my last hope, but they came through in less than 24 hours! I received answers for all the questions that confused me. I hesitated, wondering whether it was worth to pay for their services. But I decided to trust them and went forward with it. Now, I feel really comfortable because I know that I received a 1st class consultation on my assignments,  which helps me in fulfilling the assessment requirements. I recommend everyone to use the help of the IBD Editing Teamyou will not regret it!

~ Dominika Antoniszczak (IB student from Poland)


IBD Editing provides a great service. With the demanding IB curriculum, their thorough editing helped me understand what I needed to take my essay to the next level. They are fast and efficient, and they communicated with me throughout my rectifying period so I had support even while making my own corrections afterwards. I highly recommend it!

~ Laila Nasser (IB Student from Canada)


I really appreciate the amount of help I got from the IBD Editing Team, as my teachers normally only write brief comments. Also, the editing advice really increased the quality of my work, even though ToK is not my best subject.

~ Bibiane Beiger (IB Student from the UK)


I am an International Medical graduate, applying for residency in Internal Medicine in the U.S. I approached IBD Editing for assistance with my personal statement for the same. They did a very good job with it. Without altering my basic thoughts and ideas, they edited it for the grammar and placement of sentences, and they organized my ideas. They edited it three times, concentrating on even the smallest things, and gave unbiased, true opinions. The final draft was much more presentable and organized, without modifying my basic concept and thoughts. I would totally recommend anyone to approach them. Keep up the good work!

~ Niyati Narsana (Med School Graduate from India)


All the advice for the lab reports was excellent.”

~ Myles Lawson (IB Student from from Canada )


The editing/critiquing was really good. Myles had the rubric, but after we received his assignment with your feedback, we went online for more general information to back up the rubric, and then Myles could grasp the full extent of your critique.

~ Ann Lawson (Parent from Canada)


I like how the editors have a very professional attitude towards our work, even if it is not of the best quality at first; They are very thorough with their evaluation, and I like it because they point out the consequences of our mistakes. This makes me understand how I can improve my own work.

~ Ming-mei Wong (University Graduate from Singapore)


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