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IBD Editing specializes in helping you refine and strengthen your TOK Paper or Extended Essay by providing direct feedback to improve the quality of your written work. Our team is the only group in the world offering editing services specialized to the International Baccalaureate program.

Our panel of editors includes people who have written successful Extended Essays and TOK papers in a variety of subjects. We are well acquainted with the specific criteria, style, and content necessary to earn a top mark on these very difficult assignments. When you submit your TOK paper and/or Extended Essay, our editors will fully analyze and critique your work with specific attention to:

  • Fulfillment of specific criteria
  • Quality and adequacy of supporting research
  • Individual response and analysis
  • Effective usage of logic and personal reasoning
  • Strength and effectiveness of arguments
  • Grammar, terminology and notations
  • Word count reduction where necessary
  • Additional Subject / Topic specific assessment and feedback

While ensuring these, we will also make numerous comments about how you can further strengthen and refine your arguments and improve the overall quality of your paper. All consultation will be provided using Microsoft Word 2007 and above, using the ‘Track Changes’ feature.

Due to the high variability in the TOK Paper questions as well as the unique rules and requirements for Extended Essays in each particular subject, we do not have any fixed charges for consultation for these works. To serve you better, we prefer to go over your draft first and then give you an individual price for the kind of editing services that we can provide.

Additionally, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with this service.

TOK Consultation Sample

Here, the student is being reminded on how to use logic correctly, without extrapolating on his own views, and to give credit to other sources where due. These tips helped the student improve the strength of his argument and the overall quality of his assignment.




Extended Essay Consultation Sample

This student was losing sight and coherence in his writing. Here we provided some advice to help him justify his argument by using the provided evidence and context. Maintaining structure and integrity is imperative in writing a good Extended Essay.





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