IA Comprehensive Editing

We have fixed charges for Internal Assessments (assignments under 2000 words) depending on turnaround time. Our panel of editors spend a minimum of 4 hours working on every IA Comprehensive Editing submission.

  • $95.00 = Standard (returned by email within 72 hours)
  • $145.00 = Express (returned by email within 24 hours)

An Internal Assessment (IA) is any assignment that requires the final draft to be 2000 words or less. Assignments such as World Literature Papers, History IAs, Math Portfolios / Math Projects etc. count as an IA submission.

Comprehensive Editing is our specialty. Our knowledge and years of experience working with the requirements of each assignment enables us to offer constructive tips that will improve the quality of your paper. We will help YOU realize the untapped potential in your own paper.

Our panel of editors spend a minimum of 4 hours thoroughly inspecting and analyzing every IA Comprehensive Editing submission for:

  • Fulfillment of assignment-specific requirements
  • Structure, flow and coherence of the assignment
  • Quality and adequacy of supporting research and citations
  • Effectiveness of individual arguments and thesis
  • Grammatical corrections (Basic Editing)
  • Overall strength

The process will take your assignment to a new level of academic excellence. We return your assignment to you by email within 72 or 24 hours. All editing is done using Microsoft Word 2007 and above, using the ‘Track Changes’ feature.

Additionally, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with this service.

Comprehensive Editing Samples

Example 1:

Here is an example of how the overall structure of a student’s paper was improved by modifying and reorganizing content to reduce redundancy. We recommended that the opening and concluding sentences of each paragraph relate to the thesis in order to improve flow and argument strength.

Example 2:

This example shows a critique of a student’s logic. By pointing out weaknesses and contradictions, our constructive criticism will guide your writing process and help you develop a superior paper.

To see more examples, please look through our Comprehensive Editing Samples.

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