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Writing an effective application essay is the key to making a lasting impression of oneself at a post-secondary academic institution. All of our consultants have successfully secured their admission into numerous world-class universities such as Harvard, Emory, Cornell etc. in the United States and Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, London School of EconomicsWarwick, etc. in the United Kingdom. We can most certainly offer you our guidance in:

  • Getting your points across succinctly
  • Making your achievements and accomplishments stand out
  • Improving your choice of words
  • Organizing and structuring your ideas
  • Strengthening the overall appeal of your essay

Since the nature of editing an application essay is unique and highly personalized, we do not have set rates for this service. Instead, we would like you to send us your draft first, and then we can give you a quote based on the kind of assistance we can offer. For this purpose, all students must first read and accept the terms stated within our Disclaimer and then make a submission.

Additionally, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with this service.

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