Editing Services

All our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Internal Assessments: Basic and Comprehensive:

An Internal Assessment is any assignment that requires the final draft to be 2000 words or less. For instance, assignments such as World Literature PapersHistory IAsMath Portfolios / Math Projects etc. count as Internal Assessment submissions.

We have customized processing techniques for each submission, with respect to its unique nature, grading rubric, and objectives.  For Internal Assessments we offer two kinds of editing services:

  • IA Basic Editing corrects and refines grammar, syntax and diction, and reduces word count (when necessary).
  • IA Comprehensive Editing goes above and beyond, by providing a full analysis of context, research, argumentation, structure and overall strength of the content.

For Internal Assessment assignments in IBD subjects like Economics (Commentaries), Business Management (Research Projects) etc.,  please Contact us for more information.

Lab Report Revision:

In addition to checking  for completion of all the necessary criteria, we will help to further sharpen the scope of your report. We are fully experienced to revise and improve lab reports in Chemistry HL/SL, Physics HL/SL and Biology HL/SL.

Extended Essay / TOK:

TOK papers and Extended Essays, owing to their variability and extensive research oriented nature, are priced individually on an estimate basis. For TOK papers specifically, we will assess the credibility of the examples used and the arguments provided. For Extended Essays, we will look at the depth and quality of research, individual analysis and explanation, fulfillment of subject specific requirements, etc. For both, we will also consider grammar, logic, coherence, flow, structure etc.

Resumes & Cover Letters:

We will provide the highest quality assistance in organizing and formatting the content in your resumes and cover letters. Your Resume and/or Cover Letter will be assessed for its relevance and specificity, depending on your purpose and intended audience.

University Admissions Essays and Personal Statements:

The members of our team have successfully secured admissions into world-class universities across the UK and North America. We can help you improve your chances of admission by significantly strengthening your application essays.

NOTE: We are only able to accept and revise papers submitted in English.

Additionally, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all our services. Please see ‘Our Guarantee‘ for more information.
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