IA Comprehensive Editing Samples

Given below are some examples of how we have helped students thoroughly improve the overall quality and strength of their assignments through the IA Comprehensive Editing service. Click on the images below to enlarge and view them:

Example 1:

Here is an example of how the overall structure of a student’s paper was improved by modifying and reorganizing content to reduce redundancy. We recommended that the opening and concluding sentences of each paragraph relate to the thesis in order to improve flow and argument strength.

Example 2:

This student was losing sight of the requirements for their assignment. We reminded the student of the specific grading criteria and made suggestions to help them properly address the requirements and streamline the paper’s content. There are instances of grammatical corrections as well.

Example 3:

This example shows a critique of a student’s logic. By pointing out weaknesses and contradictions, our constructive criticism will guide your writing process and help you develop a superior paper.

Example 4:

Here, the student has been reminded of how he is breaching the rules of the particular assignment. We helped them improve their assignment by retaining the content and organizing the supporting evidence into the appropriate sections.

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