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Decide what type of editing you need for your assignment. Assignments that require your final draft to be 2000 words or less are classified as Internal Assessments (IAs). If your assignment doesn’t fit into the category below, scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the instructions for Extended Essay / TOK / Other Assignments.

For Internal Assessments, Lab Reports, Resumes and Cover Letters

1. Click the Order page from the top or choose from the Services Menu on the left of the screen (there is an Order button at the bottom of every Services page).

2. Read and agree to the terms described in the IBD Editing Disclaimer.

3. Select your desired editing service from the list. You will be asked to choose your turnover time during checkout.

4. Submit your assignment and fill in the information section completely (this helps us edit your assignment as thoroughly as possible). All submissions must be in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format.

5. Click the button at the bottom of the page to continue to checkout *NOTE: Your submitted assignment will NOT be processed unless you continue to checkout and submit the payment.

6. Select your turnaround time and click “Pay Now.” You will be redirected to a secure checkout site. You can pay either with a credit card or with your PayPal account. *NOTE: You will have to accept the transaction charges.

7. You will receive confirmation emails from us informing you that your submission and payment has been received.

8. You will receive your edited assignment within your selected turnaround time.

For Extended Essays / TOK / Admission Essays / Other Assignments

To serve you better, these longer and more complicated assignments will be assessed on an individual basis. To receive a price estimate:

1. Visit the Extended Essay / TOK page,┬áthe Admissions Essay page, or the Contact page (for Assignments that don’t fit into these categories).

2. Scroll to the bottom, fill in the form with the necessary information and upload your assignment.

3. You will receive a price estimate by email as soon as we get a chance to assess your draft.

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