How It Works

Whenever you make a submission, our Head of Editing (see About) goes through your submission, making an assessment of general issues that need to be addressed. The submission is then assigned to the pertinent editors within our panel who then:

  1. Address and improve upon the general concerns outlined by the Head of Editing.
  2. Increase the overall strength of your submission by scrutinizing your submission in detail, making comments about how you can refine subject specific issues such as strength of analysis and evidence, coherence, etc.
  3. Verify whether your submission satisfies the specific requirements and criteria, and provide suggestions where necessary.
  4. Increase the accuracy of your submission by pointing out missing/incorrect information.
  5. Provide more advice throughout your submission identifying areas that need further improvement / clarification.
  6. Improve grammatical errors, diction, word count, etc.

As soon as the primary editing process is completed, your submission is sent back to the Head of Editing, who then evaluates the edited assignment  to ensure that it meets our highest standards. Once this process has been completed, your submission will be emailed back to you within the requested turnover time with a brief progress report.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our services. If you are not happy with the editing you have received, please Contact Us and let us know why, and we will edit your original submission again.

To find out about ordering, please see “How to Order.” For more information about our various services, please see “Editing Services.”

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