IBD Editing follows strict rules in processing all submissions. All students must read and agree with the below terms prior to making a submission:

  1. We uphold the highest academic and ethical standards. We CANNOT and WILL NOT create or write an assignment for you. Also, we CANNOT add entirely new content to your work.
  2. We WILL NOT accept incomplete drafts for editing. We’ve found that our customers are best served when we edit only their completed rough drafts. IBD  Editing holds the right to refuse any assignment and issue a full refund if it is incomplete. Incomplete drafts are refused to protect our customers because it is very difficult for us to offer services of value on incomplete submissions.
  3. All submissions must be made compatible with Microsoft Word. We will return the edited document using Microsoft Office 2007 and above within the stipulated time. All editing is done using Microsoft Word 2007 and above, using the ‘Track Changes’ feature.
  4. We promise to keep your work confidential. All of our editors have signed an agreement that prevents them from using the contents of your work for any purposes other than carrying out tasks assigned by you the customer and IBD Editing.
  5. While we promise to deliver services of the highest quality, due to personal discretion and the uncertain nature of IBO’s evaluation procedures for all Internal Assessment assignments, TOK papers, Extended Essays and Admissions Essays, we cannot make any concrete guarantees about receiving superior grades and/or acceptance after our processing. For instance, we cannot guarantee an IB grade of 6 or 7, or a percentage grade like 85 or 95. While we are aware of what it takes to achieve superior grades, your grade is heavily dependent on the strength of your original content. We will provide guidance on making improvements and areas where new content is needed, but we WILL NOT produce any new material for you. Since the grading procedure of many assignments is objective, and thus often subject to the examiners’ personal opinions, we cannot guarantee a particular grade based primarily on our own judgment.
  6. We reserve the right to reject any submission upon receipt. We would reject your submission if it fails to satisfy the above requirements OR if we feel that we cannot offer anything of value in terms of improving your assignment. In that case, we will refund your entire payment.
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